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At LKN Distributors, we pride ourselves in providing Value to the stores and the consumers. We provide access to premium quality alcoholic beverages that meet the needs and taste of a growing diverse consumer population at the best market price.

We operate using a dynamic and integrated approach and we don't have the typical sales reps. Our managers are responsible of all aspects of the service: they make product presentations, take new orders and deliver the products to the stores. We also take orders via email, text messages and directly from our website.

Our clients enjoy the Value and Flexibility that we provide. 

            LKN Distributors

Serving the state of South Carolina  (wholesale liquor) and North Carolina (liquor broker and wholesale wine).

Product Listing

Our full list of products is listed at . We are constantly bringing new unique products to the market. Visit us regularly to check our product listing, learn about the "hot" items or place an order.


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​​​​In the state of SC we carry unique product categories:

Exclusive Brands in the World 

  • ​              Amrut Fussion 50% (3rd finest whisky in the world)
  •               Deau L.VO "La Vie en Or" (white gloves delivery)

Over 90 points and Gold awards

  • ​               Amrut Whisky Fussion 50% (97 points)
  •                   Amrut Whisky Single Malt 46% (94.5 points)
  •                   Stalk & Barrel 1+11 Whisky (92 points)
  •                   Amrut Old Port Rum (91 points)
  •                   Mahon Gin 41% (90 points)
  •                   AnestasiA Vodka (94 points)
  •                   Kozak Vodka (93 points)
  •                   Nemiroff LEX Vodka (94 points)
  •                   Petergoff Wheat Vodka (90 points)
  •                   Petergoff Pepper Wheat Vodka (91 points)
  •                  Xdar Wheat Vodka (92 points)
  •                  GV (Galera Vieja) Anejo Tequila (Double Gold in NY)

Gluten free / Kosher

  •               Iceberg Vodka ( gf, kosher)
  •                  AnestesiA (gf)
  •                  Wild Goat Brandy (kosher)


  •              James E. Pepper 1776 Whiskey ( "The Old Fashion Cocktail")

Hot Themes

  •               Leadslingers (USA Army Veterans)
  •                  Hemp Moonshine